I of course found the auction because I would like to have a Medalist, but don't.

Unfortunately, I've never actually seen in person (or more importantly handled) a Medalist. Because of my circumstances (I have limited strength and dexterity in my right hand), there are a lot of cameras out there that I just can't handle, so I am reluctant to bid sight unseen.

One of the reasons I have always wanted one is because of stories my father would tell. I don't know how many here are familiar with the Farley Mowat books, including Never Cry Wolf. Farley Mowat used a Medalist for the photographs he took during his Arctic adventures. He swore by the camera, and said that it was the only camera he had ever found to be reliable in Arctic conditions.

The Kodak lab where my father worked had camera repair technicians who were particularly trained in the Medalist (and Retinas). Each year, Farley Mowat would bring his Medalist in toi be checked and, if necessary, adjusted, prior to going back to the Arctic. My father had a number of interesting conversations with him, but the only details I recall, were about his camera