28 October 2003

Rick Levy, Senior Editor
384 S. Cottonwood Street
P.O. Box 845
Crestone, CO 81131

Dear Mr. Levy,

In June Steve Anchell wrote an open letter to the members of APUG.org, the Analog Photography Usersí Group, inviting participants to receive a free issue of Photovision and to consider subscribing. He followed this generic offer with a specific plea, stating:

Photovision needs your help. If analog photographers arenít willing to subscribe, who will? Iím asking you to spend $26.95 to walk your talk and support the last printed forum of pure analog, before itís too late.
I was familiar with the magazine, having purchased it occasionally at the newsstand, so I did not request the free issue, but I was impressed by Anchellís commitment to the maintenance of a digital-free magazine, and I responded with a commitment of my own by purchasing a two-year subscription.

Here we are three issues into my two-year subscription, and the magazine has reneged on its commitment. The November/December includes an article on "the digital lightroom"óa piece on the rudiments of Photoshop well covered in many other publications and online, and Steve Anchell has resigned as editor. Please find, enclosed, these pages removed from my copy of the magazine. They were not part of the bargain.

I request that you please cancel my subscription and refund my payment for the remaining issues.


David A. Goldfarb