I came to be a Nikon owner by accident - I bought a "broken" FG from a guy two doors down at a garage sale he was having... for $5 bucks (with a Nikon flash!)! A rubbing of the contacts and new batteries, "fixed" the camera. Its a great consumer grade camera, my wife loves its compact size and I found it takes great pictures. Why the story:
I would definitely part with one of the EM's (unless sentimental vaule comes into play - both) to obtain at least an FG. Personally, I find it to be on the minimum end of what I need out of an SLR, and the auto-only EM would not cut it. (Note, the FG20 is a basically an EM+, not the same as the actual FG).
What kind of glass do you have in that goodie bag?
I can tell you this much, the 50mm E series lens I got on mine is sharp as a tack, as good as any 50mm lens I have used save for the Canon f1.4 SSC - but its not really a fair comparison. It is pretty flimsy-feeling, but hey, mine has yet to fall apart or give me any trouble at all. And as Dave pointed out, flimsy is a relative term - it still lookslike a bank vault next to a new EF mount Canon 50mm f1.8...
Great gift!