I have just finished reading the long thread on Photovision and was impressed with many of the contributors opinions. I can readily identify with those fed up with "big company mentality and greed" as well as us "baby boomers" gravitating back towards traditional forms of expression.

I for one, am drawn to the 4x5 camera for that very reason. I love using the basics, my hands and eyes and enjoy fully the whole journey from exposure to print. (traditional methods of course). I also am returning to woodworking using handmade tools. Check out "Lee Valley" on the web if this type of thing interests you.

Anyways ... I digress while enjoying my morning coffee in a snow blizzard here today.

My simple and honest question is "Why does a company like Ilford not make a proper contact printing paper like Azo?" Is this type of paper hard to make?

Kind Regards,