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Hi Kathy,
Great to hear you've made to NZ (sorry I'm a little slow to the celebrations).
Arrowtown, I sincerely believe is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. There is a great deal of material to photograph in the area - hope you enjoy the stay. Looks like you'll see the best of the seasons over the 9 months.

Re suppliers, personally I've found Photo & Video to be the best. They seem to have the most comprehensive range and competitive prices, other than the importers and distributors that supply them - Euroco in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Best, John.
Hi John!

Thanks for your good wishes.

Good to hear your thoughts as well. We are really enjoying Arrowtown, it was one of the places I was captivated with when we visited before...but it also has hidden depths and gems, which we are gradually discovering!

Thanks also for the advice/info about P&V & Euroco.