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Hi wiseowl! If you can't get a full crowd then count me in!
Go back through the Round 2 thread and look for the latecomers who didn't make it, they'll probably be interested. That's how I found a bunch of the Round 2 folks. Also, be patient, it'll take a while for people to notice the thread. In the meantime, you can discuss what kind of camera to use, what film, etc. - that'll keep the thread at the top of the list so it gets noticed ... and it's fun besides.
Round 1 used a disposable camera loaded with C41 (color) process black & white film. For Round 2 we used a very cheap Vivitar and decided on HP5+ for the film. Again, looking back through the Round1 & Round2 threads you may see some opinions and suggestions expressed.
Good luck, and thanks for doing this!
When the round 2 camera arrives here (expected in the next week) it will be reloaded and sent on another epic journey, unless of course someone out there wishes to use 120 film for the next instead of 135 :-)

I'm certainly not insisting on sending the camera on. I may just keep it as a souvenir :-)

The whole experience has been fun (and for me, an exercise in patience).

I just cant wait to soup it , print a contact sheet and have a first look at what the participants have created.