OK so help me please, I have just come back to ilm after a daliance with digital (I went mad when 1Mp came out !) but after realising that in order to do anything interesting I needed to spend over 600(GBP) on kit I bought a second hand canon AF and dusted down my Pentax P30 T. I now have a BW and a colour tranny film on the go at all times and am doing a photography course BUT I really like the idea of MF slides on the light box and MF seems a good way to improve the quality of my prints (not my photography skill) without spending a fortune on L class lenses for the canon.
I am getting a Lubitel off e-bay to see if I like TLRs but I really like the look of a Mamiya or Rollei TLR, maybe a Yashicamat.
My questions (AT LAST HE GETS THERE) are as follows;
-Will the Lubitel be a guide to what TLRs are like , allowing for the quality issues.
-Are Mamiya C3/C33/C2 cameras ok to use after all these years ? I will be buying off e-bay so some guide as to what to look for would be good, I don't think that I can persuade the female part of this relationship that I need to lay out the money for a C330.
-6 x 6 seems good because of the portrait/landscape issues with a WLF but would a Bronica SQ be another good choice, or do I need to think about other formats ?

All suggestions , positive or otherwise gratefully received.