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-Will the Lubitel be a guide to what TLRs are like , allowing for the quality issues.
As film goes yes. Operationally, sort of. They are horrible to try to focus with a Lubitel.
-6 x 6 seems good because of the portrait/landscape issues with a WLF but would a Bronica SQ be another good choice, or do I need to think about other formats ?
Well, most medium formats will have WLF. I think, if you want to start, invest in a body that you can have changeable lenses and backs. You can always resell if you don't like. I wouldn't go down the Lubitel path. There are others that are way nicer like the Yashica 124G or the Minolta Autocord.

But there's nothing like being able to change film midroll with different backs. There's a AWEFULLY nice Mamiya RB for sale on the Apug classifieds. There's also Monihan's medium format web pages that will occupy your reading time for about a week or two and get you even more confused about medium format