If you like the lubitel, then you'll LOVE a real TLR, but if you hate it, then blame it on the camera. A Libitel is worth about what you pay for one (ie the cost of a couple of rolls of film), but they are totally clunky. A Rollei is a smooth machine, and a total pleasure to work with.

The Lubitel will tell you if you like the Waist Level Finder (which you should!), and give you the experience of working with roll film, but thats about it.

Most of the real TLR's are great, and built to last - they're far more reliable than an SLR, as there are few critical components.

The Mimaya tries to be a "system" which I'm not convinced by - TLR's do what they do well, and get clunky when you start trying to make them into something they're not. A Rollei is a far more elegant beast than a C220. If you do decide you need a "system" then maybe a TLR isn't the way to go?

It sounds like you're trying to get back to basics, and a TLR is a great choice. You should be able to pick up a Yashica, or even a Rollei at very moderate cost.