Unlikely that the Chicago Albumen Works (CAW) could make Azo. Making light-sensitive paper requires a huge factory. I have visited Kodak and the facilities are truly astounding--from paper making to coating the emulsion and everything in between. The CAW folks are good friends of mine and it is all they can do to keep up with what they are already doing. And they most certainly do not have those kinds of facilities.

As Don said, contact printing paper has a small market and it is an ever declining one. Even if all LF photographers, from 4x5 on up printed on Azo, demand still wouldn't come close to what the commercial uses and government uses used to be. So I do not see anyone jumping in to make a contact printing paper.

The older papers did have cadmium as well as othe "outlawed" things in them. These things cannot be used anywhere (maybe not anywhere, but certainly not anywherre in Europe), not just in the USA. So even if someone had the formula for Haloid, it could not be made today.

However, all that being said, if someone has tens of millions to spend on this I do think it is possible. Anyone out there with those kinds of bucks who wants to spend them on making a new (old) contact printing paper?