I had been using a BTZS focusing cloth for 3 years and just recently switched to the QuietWorks BlackJacket http://www.quietworks.com. It is lighter weight material than the BTZS and folds much more compactly. It is essentially an oversized "shirt" with gigantic sleeves designed to eliminate the light, but still allow easy access to the GG, and with a "collar" that has an adjustable elastic band. It also has "leather" around the collar so it doesn't slip off the camera. The BTZS's elastic collar is not adjustable and tended to slip off my camera. This new cloth stays in place very well. It has a black interior and a reflective surface and is not as "hot" as the BTZS. It does an excellent job of eliminating stray light and you can hold it up with your head while composing much better than the heavier BTZS. Since it is lighter, it may be a bear in the wind but I haven't used it under windy conditions, yet. I've only used it during three outings, so the final verdict is not in, but so far I like it very much and it will most probably replace the BTZS as part of my kit. It's not cheap: $75US.