Well I did it and the slides are drying as I type this. The results seem good at first glance but I guess I won't know exactly what I have until I look at them on the light table. My first impressions are that Kodak's 6 step system is certainly demanding and I felt like I was in a frenzy trying to keep everything from falling apart. I thought about trying the Tetenal setup with fewer steps but had read some conflicting reports by those who feel the traditional 6 step system gives better results. I used a foam ice chest to insulate my water bath and keep the temp as close to 100 deg F. as possible and it seemed to do a reasonably good job. One thing for sure is that I definitely feel as though I worked my rear end off to get these slides! lol I'm sure as time goes by I'll streamline the process and It will go much more smoothly.