I will be damned. Clyde's wife (I think) emailed me and here is the original email and their reply.

We spoke to Clyde concerning your email.. He explained that most
black and white digital prints use all five colors in their processing,
Clyde is using black and gray inks which are carbon based only. He
feels he is not misrepresenting the images. We are not trying to be
deceitful; that is why we call them digital carbon prints. We pride in
ourselves, for being upfront and honest to our customers. Thank you for
taking the time in emailing us. If you have further questions or
concerns, please feel free to contact us, 1-888-999-9113. Denise

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From: Lee Carmichael [mailto:click76112@charter.net]
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 9:01 AM
To: info@clydebutcher.com
Subject: digital carbon prints

Clyde et al,
I find this type of marketing to be some of the most decitful. This is
a carbon print at all but you are selling injet prints. Have the guts
call it what it is. There are people working in an older process called carbon printing. If I worked in that method I would be highly offended.

lee carmichael

perhaps those that know a little more about injet could respond to Clyde's contention that "most " are using 5 colors and since Clyde only uses black and gray colors he is correct.