This is a heartwarming story for the analogue good guys. A friend's son is a sophomore in high school here and is taking a photography course. the emphasis is on digital, but the school still has a darkroom, so for a small part of the course the students use disposable B&W cameras, shoot a few rolls and learn to develop and print. Sort of a "how they did it in the old days" approach. I do some photography on commission for my friend's business so his son has seen what real photography is capable of.

After getting in to the darkroom at school he decided that he enjoyed the wet darkroom and all the hands on steps from loading the reel to hanging a print to dry much more than sitting behind a computer. He and his dad have decided to convert part of the laundry room to a darkroom and as luck would have it, one of two large camera shows Omaha has each year is coming up in a week. We will be able to get good quality used darkroom gear that we can inspect and I will help them get started.

So I guess I might lose a client (I'm not professional, don't get paid but trade for his engineering skills) but have gained us a convert.