Oh woe is me. For he who praises digital (In some environments) has been forced (Asked) to reduce himself to lowly analog Photographers users group.


Hi Im Valthonis. Some of you may remember me by being the 1000th member to register for Apug. Im Aggies Son by the way. She constantly prattles on about,

"Apug This..."
"Apug That..."
"This guy on Apug is a shithead...."

Honestly its driveing me Freaking Nuts. Shes had alot of friends on here that she likes to talk to and have fun with. So im happy for her.

My interests are multimedia, Digital video work as well as some web design. But im hopeing to get into 3d animation because that stuff is cool. Me and mom usualy spar about digital photography being better or worse than analog photgraphy so ill may my views clear.

1. Digital is superior for the strictly snapshot photo. IF you want something quick and dirty its the way to go.
2. Color Digital photography is on the level of color Analog photography. Its just alot of expense up front.
3. Black and white Analog is superior to Digital at this time. However This does not mean that digital wont improve. Look at how fast Analog is inovateing with new technology, now look how fast digital is advanceing.

There are two areas where digital fails that would vastly improve its market worthiness.

1.The ability to capture multiple layers of light on a 3d CCD imager. Current techniques all capture light on a FLAT CCD imager. If the CCD were designed almost like a forrest of angled CCD cells it could capture a more 3d image and mimic traditional Chemical processes that occur within film.

2. The export medium, Paper essentialy, is also simply flat paper that the image is layed down upon. In Analog the image is transfered in a 3d chemical medium (Film) to a 3d Export Medium (Photo paper.) It retains its depth and vibrancy the whole way through. Digital is a flat image put on a flat piece of paper. Give the Piece of paper a chemical surface, much like analog photo paper, and then combine that with the 3d CCD imager and you will have a more level playing field.

Digitals strengths lie in:
Convience, Its alot less time and work to make a didital photograph. Just point, shoot, and then upload to your printer and Viola! Instant print.

Analog strengths lie in:
Image qulity.
Worth over lifetime.