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You didn't mention what reel you are using. If it is a plastic Patterson type then jump up and down on it and never use it for 120 again! I'm being a little sarcastic but honestly those things are a serious problem when it comes to 120. (at least for me) All too often the wider more flexible film base of 120 bends,buckles or jams with the auto loading reels despite ensuring that they were bone dry. Stainless steel is a piece of cake and can be loaded wet as well.
I must say that apart from the film curling and twisting in the dark I havn't had any problem loading 120 film on..................... Paterson reels.
135 however is another story. If I don't clean my reels after developing some 120 films I'm sure to have problems loading the longer 35mm on them, they jam a little more than halfway through.
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