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what happens to the image if the hard drive bips when you are saving the image? Are you willing to continually re-archive all your saved images on each new different medium that the market place comes out with. The phrase "8 track" comes to mind. These are just a few of the concerns I have with digital. Plus I don't shoot 35 and the back for a 4x5 or 8x10 costs the equivalent of the gross national debt of several small countries. Just don't get me started.

IMHO, Its IDEOTIC to have a 4x5 DIGITAL or 8x10 DIGITAL back. That removes all the convience and portability that are the halmarks of digital photography.

Ive personaly never seen a hardrive 'Bip' as you describe. Computer technology is a bit diffrent from the 8 track. If you want Maximum image safety for any kind of data, you initilize a Raid Level 1. This requires two hard drives of the same type, size, and bus interface. What the Raid does is Mirror the data onto the second drive. That way if one drive fails, you still have a copy of the data on the other so you can replace the broke drive.

There are all sorts of storage mediums for digital information. CD's and DVD's degrade over time as do Magnetic media. The only costant upgradeing idd do to maintain my data over time would be new hard drives to keep up with bus interface changes. Hard drives are cheap. $.80 per Gigabyte for a 200gb drive. Thats a steal compared to what it used to be.