"It does have a metal spring clip so I assume you hook the end of the film and start spinning the reel hoping the film will wind up perfectly in its track."

Good Morning, Christian,

I don't know for sure about Adorama reels, but I have never encountered a reel with the center spring device (Nikkor-type) which actually "hooks" the film; instead, the end of the film is simply slid under the wire spring which is supposed to hold it, but does so far less effectively and reliably than the puncturing devices found on better-quality reels.

You can use a paper punch to make a well-centered hole near the end of the film, then fabricate a small hook from very thin wire or a small paper clip. The film could then be "hooked" to the spring device, which procedure would probably result in the film's being relatively well-centered in the reel, which should, in turn, lead to easy loading. But all this is really unnecessary. Either top-quality reels and/or lots of practice with the cheaper kind should take care of your problem.