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I can't load plastic reels with 120, be it Patterson or Generic.. I mean, I can get the film on there but I end up kinking the film pretty badly. I've smashed more than one reel before.. I'm thinking that high-humidity might have played a part in my troubles.
Either that or gunked-up ball-bearings.

I liked the jobo 120 reel, the real big/wide ones that also take 220 I think.
Although I don't know if I was ever loading it properly; I just 'pushed' the film in. Worked well for me though.

LOL! I have smashed two plastic reels in frustration over the last 5 months trying to load 120 on plastic reels. (35mm is no problem) I've used the generic brands and the Patterson super system and they were both an equally horrific experience. In fact I have NEVER successfully loaded 120 onto a plastic reel without creasing it or damaging the film in some way. By comparison I successfully loaded a SS reel after practicing for 10 min. Can't tell you why everyone here has had opposite experiences but it is pretty funny to read these comments.