I was developing film the other night and had one of my "photographer's heart attacks". I'm sure you'll all understand.

I was tray developing some 8x10 film. It was for a class project, and like they all seem to do, there was no time for errors. Arista .EDU Ultra developed in Rodinal 1:25 for 5 min. Then move on to Photographer's Formulay's TF4 fixer for a 20 cycles through my 4 sheet stack of film, then turn on the light. I moved over the fixer tray...and I see clear film, CRAP!!!

Quickly I think back over everything, did I stop the lens down too far, did the shutter fire at all, are the batteries in my meter going south, I could not have forgotten to pull the darkslide on all four shots, is the film bad, the rodinal? Just before I start to panic I pull each sheet from the fixer, and the images appear before my eyes, there is a god.

Those of us experienced with TF4 fixer know how is comes out of the container milky and clears up over time. I use a white enamel tray for fixer so I can see the image in the tray. In this case, I had not allowed the fixer enough time to clear. I saw the milky white fixer in a white tray, and just a hint of the edge of the sheets of film. My mind saw clear film.

I hope I am not the only one prone to these little heart attacks. Let us hear about yours.