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Hi Im Valthonis. Some of you may remember me by being the 1000th member to register for Apug. Im Aggies Son by the way. She constantly prattles on about,

"This guy on Apug is a shithead...."

1. Digital is superior for the strictly snapshot photo. IF you want something quick and dirty its the way to go.
2. Color Digital photography is on the level of color Analog photography. Its just alot of expense up front.
3. Black and white Analog is superior to Digital at this time. However This does not mean that digital wont improve. Look at how fast Analog is inovateing with new technology, now look how fast digital is advanceing.
One by one:

"This guy ... "

This is singular. Does she mean to imply that there is only one?

1. No argument. Perhaps a little more accurate to reverse descriptions: First "Dirty" and then (secondarily), "quick".

2. Nah. I don't think, attribute compared to attribute, that "digital" is anywhere near, at least not yet. There is a *vast* difference when compared, highest level of chemical color print, to highest level of "digital" print. Don't be fooled by "One-Hour-Lab" analog color prints. The *best* "Custom Printed" color analog prints are seldom seen outside of galleries - and to tell the truth, they are not all that common *IN* the galleries.

3. I don't really see that much "improvement" in analog black and white prints. IMHO, they were awfully damned good to start with, and an exceedingly "high standard" for "digital" to reach.