Thanks for all of the replies. To give you some added background, I'm a Forester working for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and have a real use for color IR film for our Forest Health work. We're using color IR to pick out stressed Ash trees that have been attacked by the Emerald Ash Borer (a hideous invasive insect that has the potential of killing all Ash trees in eastern North America). We've used Kodak 70mm color IR for years for all sorts of Forestry work but have just been informed by Kodak that they're no longer making the film in 70mm (we're using two Rollei 6003s' for this type of work, all aerial photography taken at about 5,000 feet). Without this film, or something comparable, we're effectively screwed.

I have managed to find a reference to a Russian-made color IR film but have no idea of it's still in production or available in this country (my guess is no). Again, any and all suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

Jim Bielecki