Hi Mick,

I've used agfa c41 kits for a while, and they state 5 x 120 for 500ml over 3 months :-) Which is why I love them.

I push it out to 8 x 120 or 6 months depending on my shooting habits at the time. I mainly shoot B&W so sometimes color gets left in the fridge. When I get around to processing it is in a Jobo.

I like the agfa kits because 500ml is perfect for me, I simply cannot imagine having 20 litres of developer and bleach-fix going off in bottles :-)

Thanks for your info.


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Graham, many years ago I asked our developing technicians in the lab that I worked in, this same question.

Their findings were that approximately 8 rolls per litre of 35mm 36 frames was the closest. One could stretch this by about 20%, meaning 10 rolls per litre. They added caveats like, the actual amount of active ingredients per litre etc, etc,.

I also remember reading, (15 or so years ago) on either an Agfa or Kodak kit, 8 rolls of 35mm 36 frame film per litre.

I myself use Jobo rotary and develop 4 rolls at a time in 500ml (35mm).