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One by one:

"This guy ... "

This is singular. Does she mean to imply that there is only one?

1. No argument. Perhaps a little more accurate to reverse descriptions: First "Dirty" and then (secondarily), "quick".

2. Nah. I don't think, attribute compared to attribute, that "digital" is anywhere near, at least not yet. There is a *vast* difference when compared, highest level of chemical color print, to highest level of "digital" print. Don't be fooled by "One-Hour-Lab" analog color prints. The *best* "Custom Printed" color analog prints are seldom seen outside of galleries - and to tell the truth, they are not all that common *IN* the galleries.

3. I don't really see that much "improvement" in analog black and white prints. IMHO, they were awfully damned good to start with, and an exceedingly "high standard" for "digital" to reach.
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I was probably overzealus on comparison between Collor Digi and Color Wet. I just saw tonight a Color Print by one of moms friends that i really liked. This wasant something you could get out of 1hourphoto booths.

When i talk about Improvement i didnt refrence the existing level of quality against each other. Analog done right is superior to Digital, no questions asked. I merely apply Moores law to digi cameras and watch as they get better and better. They are STILL handicapped by phisical limitations but like all pieces of technology, they will improve.

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It's time he learns the true meaning of the dark slide. Together and Mother and Son, you can bring order to the photographic world!
I sense a disturbance in the Fix. As if a thousand prints suddenly cried out in pain and then were washed. :P

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I have a few friends at Industrial Light and Magic. If you are interested in digital moviemaking etc, and need any sort of "in" I might be able to help you.

:!: :o :o :!: Thats Techie for "Holy !@#$ dude! COOL!"

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True. and since the Core area of this has to scale up as negatives scale up it becomes quite expensive for the total area so i agree with your point.

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Mom shows me prints that she gets from people and im amazed at how clear they are. I can tell a 35mm negative apart from a larger negative based upon just looking at the size of grain. She got one this summer and DAM that looks good. The guys name i cant spell or pronounce right but it sounds spanish? Les sent her a BEAUTIFUL print....

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