There was the time I was processing some sheet film - I carefully unloaded the holders and transfered the film to my "slosher", and when I turned around to step over to the sink where the chemicals were waiting, I recognized that the safe light was on.

Or there was the time when i was developing film from that long weekend in Istanbul, and when I took the film out of the fix it looked awfully thin. Went back over the process, and eventually noticed that the new batch of HC110 concentrate that I had just mixed had this strange looking blob in the bottom of the bottle - I had not mixed it enough and the original syrup was lying at the bottom of the bottle, with essentially pure water above it.

Or the time at my sister's wedding when I found realized that the film had not complete attached to the take-up spool and was not advancing through the camera.

Or the time whe I had been given access to photograph at a circus, and was sitting literally on the boxes that defined one of the "riings" to change the film in my brand new Nikon FM2 - and in the excitement of the moment, shoved my finger all the way through the shutter curtain.

I am reminded of the immortal words of Mark Twain - "profanity offers a form of relief denied even to prayer."