Hi Sean,

The state of Washington already collects internet sale tax. They went to court and got the records from all the companies that sell cigarettes on the net and back charged everyone who had bought cigs for the state tax not paid. Go to 'my ebay' and see if they have the entire record of everything you ever bought there.

This was not meant to start the soup box, just observations of what is already happening. The interent sales tax is coming and soon. The local towns are losing too much revenue from lost sales and closed businesses.

This SHOULD only apply to the U.S.A. and it appears they are going to collect from the buyers at the point of destination, your local state. Too bad no one has ever seen a politician say no to free tax money, have they? It is safe to assume they will all jump on this faster than you can remember their names.

LAZ; I decided to leave New York when I noticed 'they' were taking more out of my paycheck than I was.

Have a good morning people.