I just thought I would throw in my two cents for anyone who cares. I had a bunch of lenses in my possession several years ago and I thought I would test them for the hell of it. I didn't have the apo glass that this thread is about but I thought that everyone might like to know the results anyway. I tested a Schneider Componon-s, The Rodenstock equivalent (Rodogon I think), EL-Nikkor and a lens from Carl Zeiss that I had purchased on Ebay years ago. My conclusion was that the Schnieder had the least overall contrast, but that resulted in very smooth tonal gradations. This was followed by the Rodenstock which showed a slightly higher micro-contrast. The Nikkor had the most micro contrast of these three which resulted in harsher tonal gradations. The Zeiss lens is an orthoplanar, and when I tested it against the others I was actually shocked. The lens is so sharp that you can see the grain on a 5x7 print from a delta film! So I guess my advice would be to get one of these if you can, but otherwise the best overall lens would be the Rodenstock unless you do a lot of portraits then I would recommend the Schneider. The Nikkor seemed harsh compared to these two.