Hello, "Valthonis", and welcome to APUG.

As one of the very early users on the internet (since 1984(!)) and image processing (started 1992), I think I might be entitled to an opinion here

Somewhere in my stack of defunct computer gear is a floppy disc with scanned images from 1986. I used these for scientific purposes, using image processing (AIM, if you've ever heard about it) to produce a distribution profile across an igneous dyke...

Now, these floppies are still readable. But to get the images off htem, I need to reassemble my old Atari ST (remembering to keep presure on the blitter chip), read the floppy, copy the file to a PC formatted DS/DD floppy, which I might be lucky enough to be able to read on my new(ish) PC... I can then process the images after converting them from the native format to something a PC can understand, which will take at least another hour, ant try to extract the same information from them. But I don't think I can, since the software I used for processing no longer exists - except on my old Atari.

On the other hand, I printed a negative from 1898 yesterday. It was still in one piece, still readable, and could be processed on "state of the art" analog equipment (OK, so my analogue gear is older than my PC. So what?). The picture was (unfortunately) dead boring, but just as Knut Knutsen made it more than a century ago.

I don't expect my old Atari to work in 90 years - do you?

On the other hand, I'm thinking of putting up a web site. Want a short, underpaid job?

BTW, does someone have a list of "smiley codes" for this site?

Edited becasue I cna't spell at 2 am...