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It also looks like you have a surge problem. You might want to try a two bath method or another developer. Times are a little too short for even development, or agitation is too hard, from what I see. John
Hi John,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'm not sure exactly where those streaks came from, although I've been slowly ironing out the troubles (most of them pretty minor) in this old camera a bit at a time. The marks I think you are referring to are the lighter streaks (vertical) showing mostly at the top? I don't think they're surge, but they might be. I develop in tubes and hand roll them. Depending on what music is playing, I "might" roll a bit harder . I am currently using D-D23 and I think I did this one at 4 minutes in A and 6 minutes in B (I'd have to check my log). I've slowly been working towards getting harder/darker/denser negatives so that I can contact print and have adequate time for burning, dodging etc. I'm up to an average of about two minutes exposure (from 20-40 seconds) on AZO Gr2. This negative is about #35 from this old camera and #135 since I started in photography. The first 100 were mostly FP4+ in a Calumet 400 monorail. Now I'm using an Agfa Ansco 8x10 field camera made in 1941. The film is kodak PlusX Aero cut from 9.5" x 125' rolls.

cheers and thanks again - I'll watch my agitation a bit more carefully from now on, just in case.