well i got another piece of the puzzle-got a safelight. its one of those that you screw into a light socket, made by kodak. as i am slowly, but surely getting piece by piece, i get more anxious and ready to expose my own prints for the 1st time in about 8-10 yrs (high school). to those who are not aware of this, this is what i have gathered so far:
1-omega d2 enlarger
3-jars for developer(s) and fixer
1-mixer(all i could find @ the time)
3-carriers(1-35mm,1-6x7 i think...and 4x5...all free-came with enlarger)
2-lenses(135 and a 150...came enlarger as well)
1-timer switch
1-tank developer
this is what i have...if anyone can think of something i missed, let me know. as i am peiceing this together...i may miss a piece here and there...so don't be shy. hope to hear from everyone! night !!