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I'm thinking of selling my loved Canon F1 old body, with a 50mm, 1.4 lens (has both caps, excellent condition) and a 28mm, 2.8 lens (has both caps, excellent condition).
The old F1 bodies (no hot shoe, etc) seem to be going for not that much of late - even in good shape, they hardly seem to get past the $150 mark, with the F1n's being more and the NewF1's usually more still. Some collectible F1's (odd serial numbers, olive drab models, ones in original boxes) still seem to bring top dollar, but I assume those are mainly bought by collectors who put a premium on absolute mint condition, boxes, instructions, etc.
Of course, that is just what I witnessed on eBay. However, if the camera is in excellent working shape, then it would be "worth" a lot more to you than the price it would fetch.

Coincidentally, if you would be willing to part with the lenses alone, please shoot me a PM with how much you would want for those.

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