i am in the process of building a supply cabinet to store my things of use in. its a 4-drawer cabinet 'bout 22x15x16. 1 drawer will store my film, the 2nd will hold carriers and such for the enlarger, the 3rd will paper and the 4th will be random supplies i deem to place there. i am also working a table roughly 40x30x40 hold my enlarger and cabinet! anybody here work with wood or other things of the sort that you would be doing something in a similar vein? i am also trying to find ways to completely make the area of choice....dark, no light whatsoever. well...other than a safelight. as far as the other stuff..trays, and that other nick-knack stuff...all in time, all in time. as i said i get as i can afford it at the time. hope to hear more from you all soon!