Gee are we declaring it open season on the hat design again? To those who didn't participate before, this is very much like hunting anything: We arm ourselves with esthetic judgement and shoot at whoever came up with a helpful idea until they stagger off discouraged, idea dead and, it were me, pissed as heck!

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Itís not my desire to start an argument here. I created the design of the hat, based on the graphics used on the web site. My goal was to get the APUG logo out and about. To get people asking what it meant.

I also thought it might be a good way to put some money in seans pocket. Iíll point out that I wont make a dime on this venture, and in fact will likely loose money. For me thatís not the point.

I shoot with a hat on all the time. People walk up to me often enough. I would not mind if the hat started a conversation, that wound up educating someone about the web site.