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I just mixed up my first batch from PF. The directions for part B say to add the 100g potassium carbonate to 75ml of water, then add water to make 100ml. Once I added the potassium carbonate I could not get it to desolve all the way, plus the total volume was over 100ml.

I then found the recipe on http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/PC-HD/pc-hd.html uses 100ml of water to 100g potassium carbonate. So I added 25ml of water and it all desolved.

Which is right?
The correct formula is the one at unblinkingeye.eye. You add 100g of potassium carbonate to 100ml of water. Add the chemical very, very slowly with constant stirring. The total amount of solution after mixing will be around 125ml so in the end your mixing method gave about the same result and it should work well.