I have an old Ilex Ansco lens, on the front lens element it says, Ilex Rapid Rectilinear / Rochester NY. It has front and rear elements. It's off of God knows what, as it was a gift from an APUG member, and it has a good shutter but the elements are loose because of the retainers are not seating correctly and are not fixable. Is it possible the lens is threaded in American sizes rather then metric? I tried a Menicus lens off a old bad Kodak shutter (lens element screws into the back of the Kodak shutter) that "seems" to thread in. I'm going to look further and see if I can find other possibly better elements as even the Menicus element is slightly loose and I can;t see a way of tightning the retainer. The outside shutter mounting threads to the board look to be 24mm - 9/16", inside thread diameter about 22mm - 7/8". What shutter size might this be? I guess the lens is off an old folder, don't really know the focal length, but would like to find something to cover 6x9. I want to fool around with some older lenses like this for portraits and some alt landscapes.

Are there other old lenses off folders that I can look for that would cover the 6x9 format?