An 'intervalometer' for a 16mm Bolex - a device used to drive cine cameras single shot capabilities periodically - this one also has the ability to set the amount of time the shutter is open during the cycle period - ie. if its f.p.s was 0.1 (1 frame every 10 seconds) I could adjust the shutter to be open for any fraction of that 10 seconds (within certain a range)

Cine people might find this snippet from an email I sent a friend recently helpful:

... adjustable duty cycle from ~%5- %95 (like shutter angle being 18deg - 342deg) with period anywhere from ~1.5 secs - whatever time you wish (ie. years+) ...

When the period is 1.5secs the shutter angle is effectively set at %50 on the T setting or very low on I (or the other way round cant remember which) - the longer the period the closer you can get the duty cycle (shutter angle) to %100

Its running using discrete logic timers and ripple counters (556, CMOS 4060 etc...) running off simple RC constants switching a relay which supplies the servo two different millisecond pulses blah blah technical etc...

I've had it running with a 18 sec period on already partially depleted AA's for 31 hours now - woohoo!

hopefully shoot some Baraka style stuff soon - but gotta build first:

an equatorial mount and glidecam kinda thingy - then a crystal sync motor ... the list goes on