Many thanks for your insightful replies guys - it's much appreciated!

Photo Engineer - Good tip about re-bleaching, I'd be delighted if I could rescue any of the dark films.
As for my scanner; I have tested it on commercially processed negs of which I have the prints and the results have been acceptable.
Although on the current crop of dark negs I find it picks up very little information, unlike the scanner I use at work which has much better sensitivity and has managed to generate a (albeit oddly coloured) better image from them.
You'll probably see my current scanner on ebay soon - a Primefilm 3600u.
If you do - don't buy it!

Pentaxuser - I'm actually in the UK. Lancashire to be precise.
You're right about the difficulties of having no-one to talk to when you have these kind of problems - none of my friends really get why I don't go digital.
The truth is, I was using digital cameras through my work long before they tried them and in all honesty digital bores the pants off me.

I prefer the challange of film. That's why even three batches of poorly processed negs haven't got me down. :rolleyes:

I think, since my starter kit has now run out, my next step should be to switch to some different chemicals. Hopefully solving the problem or at least ruling another factor out.

I have read before that some people prefer to use seperate bleach and fix. Any reccommendations?

I have looked on the Nova and Jessops websites and neither have much available (or in stock anyway!). Could somebody point me in the right direction of a good UK based supplier?

Pentaxuser - Thanks for your kind offer of print processing. If this saga continues I may well take you up on it.

Thanks again.