Hi. This seems like a great place. I like the PHPBB bulletin board format, but then, I would, since I run a health site that uses it for its forums. I started 35mm photography in 1975. I did my own black and white development and printing back then, then sort of abandoned it during the 80's as my kids were growing up. Nobody but me in the family liked black & white, so I pretty much always shot colour for the family-type stuff. I sort of drifted away from more serious photography during that time, but I've revived my interest over the past year, since I had to retire. Ilford XP2 got me back into B&W, along with a film scanner, but I still want to develop and print B&W (especially after I saw what an appalling job labs do these days with B&W). I should soon have everything I need for an apartment bathroom type of setup, and I'm really looking forward to it. So far, I'm sticking with what I liked best back in the 70's: HP5 and FP4, and maybe some Tri-X. I hope it all comes back to me

I'm strictly 35mm for now, although, I wouldn't mind doing some medium format too. That will have to wait though - No more money