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APUG has become my favorite source for on-line photo information, so I thought I would throw curve ball to see if anyone could handle it.
I'll be heading to Egypt in January for my annual scuba-diving trip. I've begun thinking, "Instead of dragging my RB-67 outfit, why not carry a couple of Spotmatic SP-1000 bodies and a couple of lenses instead?" Naturally I followed that with the thought that I might as well see if anyone knows of a housing I could put one of these in for some underwater shots.
And here's the pitch...Does anyone know where I might find a housing?

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Ikelite used to make plexiglass housings for most of the popular camera bodies of the 60-70's, but they have long since discontinued, they also had universal housings that could be used with a wide variety of bodies, your best best for something of this nature is going to be finding some store that may have some new old stock in a box in the back room, or making a strong run at ebay, there are also flexable heavy PVC housings made, but when I lived in Hawaii and dove alot, we found them to be very fragile and prone to tearing around rocks and coral.