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I have started a basic Japanese language program to try and learn some polite phrases and key words. In addition, I've started to build up a list of places that I would like to visit while I'm there, if possible, including Ritsurin Koen Park (very near my girlfriend's apartment), Yashima Plateau, the standing Mizute Gomon Gate at the Takamatsu castle, and especially the Takamatsu Heike Monogatari Historical Museum. Currently I am in the middle of an intensive Japanese history class (by intensive I mean for this class alone we read over 300 pages/week and write over 10 pages/week which is pretty unusual for an undergrad class at my university) which is making this trip even more exciting. Since it's a 14 hour plane trip I plan to buy a condensed copy of the Heike Monogatari to read Any suggestions on a good translation?
I've heard a joke that when foreigners come to Japan, they bring small Japanese text books and learn Hiragana and Katakana on their flights, long flights. So, when they arrive, they will be able to read some simple signs in Japanese. But in your 14 hour flight, I bet you'll find yourself drinking free wine and sleeping the most of the time because it's pretty rough if you're the economy class. I'm kidding.

Yashima is cool. It has a skyline drive, where I spent some nights sleeping in the SUV I borrowed from my volunteer job. The gate closes at night, so after that it was all my castle when there were no other cars around.

The only other place I can tell you is, a laundromat or something since I was there for sightseeing.

Downtown Takamatsu is sort of fun if you're into Karaoke and other things. But most of all, the food is always good. Seafood there rocks if you're into it.

And I'm sure your girlfriend knows a lot about it if she's been there long enough. Have fun there with her and you camera!