per the similar BFA in photography thread I thought I would pose my thought process etc in a seperate thread so as not to hijack that seperate and slightly related thread.

I posted about a year ago about applying to graduate school with the hopes of getting into an MFA program in photography. That application wasnt accepted but this is a task I feel is VERY important for my (at present) life's goals.
The reason Im posting is to discuss my fears and apprehensions and see what other's thought are on this.
I studied architecture in college... thats where I was introduced to painting and spent the later part of my undergraduate time being a TA and working on my painting with a friend/advisor/professor. Never did I try or even give a passing consideration to photography. I started out picking up a camera about 4 years ago shooting outdoors (climbing related) and it bloomed from there. Ever since undergrad and my realization of having no desire to pursue architecture all I wanted to do was teach. well.... and to keep making art but to hopefully and eventually help others to do the same through teaching. I also realized that to do that (in the manner I hope to) I would need to get an MFA. Its a check box Im willing to do the effort to check but have alot of apprehensions about it.... in studying the different programs across the country and seeing the "work" that comes out of these programs, well honestly, I am in no way suprised I didnt get accepted.
Im not in any way "knocking" those individuals work nor their passion to pursue it... I love the diversity. but it makes me apprehensive of the experience. What effect it will have on what is such a strong passionate love of mine...
will it get distilled... or deformed into something thats "right" in the eyes of the world of present day academia?
Theres alot of fear as to what the effect it will have on me and my work. I spend so much time self learning (with the much and plentiful help of many APUG members) working at whatever pace I choose... challenging myself and pursuing the work or methods I feel passionate about.
Does anyone have experience in these regards? going through a graduate program in MFA especially in photography? similiar past fears thoughts etc?

anyone thats still reading this.... I apologize