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Im not in any way "knocking" those individuals work nor their passion to pursue it... I love the diversity. but it makes me apprehensive of the experience. What effect it will have on what is such a strong passionate love of mine...
will it get distilled... or deformed into something thats "right" in the eyes of the world of present day academia?
Theres alot of fear as to what the effect it will have on me and my work. I spend so much time self learning (with the much and plentiful help of many APUG members) working at whatever pace I choose... challenging myself and pursuing the work or methods I feel passionate about.
Does anyone have experience in these regards? going through a graduate program in MFA especially in photography? similiar past fears thoughts etc?

anyone thats still reading this.... I apologize
I understand your concerns fully having just graduated from Parsons, MFA. This website on many ocasions was my saving grace in the push/pull mental rigor of graduate school. Remember there job is to break you down at first and its not to be mean or to put you in a particular genre, its because you have to talk about and write about your work in a historical-conceptual-contemporary context. Beleive me it can be done anything can be justified but you see that's the thing they are are going to push you into everything that makes you feel uncomfortable painfull many different tortures one can not imagine. This is done so that you know exactly why you make your work, not just because you like to but because you have a passion for it.