Do It Matt!! If you want to meet and discuss over a beer we can do that, but my answer is still the same - Do It!! Now the next question is a bit harder, what do you want to teach? Art/Photography/etc? and at what level...reason for asking, is the art programs at many public secondary schools have been cut back or are gone. At the college level it is a different thing all together, and I can really see you teaching at that level. Guess what I am getting at, if you can 'get through' the MFA program - which I think you can there should be no worries about your own art being distilled or distorted. Think of grad school like a job, you will do what you have to in order to complete the program (just like you would do what you had to do for a job) but you would still have your own work that 'is you'. If some academic program can change that, chances are you would have the same problem with a keep your focus (sorry no pun intended) and go for it. You have the background, learn some of the history of photography, notice how there have always been educators that are out of step with the institutions they work for. Let's keep this discussion going next time we meet up...would love to hear what your thoughts are, and you know I will share mine.