OK... so it seems the lens & holder hacks were just not enough now I am doing Kodak paper hacks and I have a few 'issues' that I am sure you Alt printers will be able to resolve for me. I have 'discovered' that by giving fixed out FB papers a soak in an alkaline bath solution that the emulsions are altered to a surface that is much more receptive to hand coating and upon drying they still have some of that creamy lustrous finish that I like so much.... I will admit that at this point my process needs some refinement however some of these papers are sipping the emulsions like fine wine, I am using fewer drops and getting even coating by the regular methods once the paper has been treated.... & the price for paper is just right...free!

Now I am concerned that by putting the paper through additional chemistry I am altering it's stability as a substrate for coating. I have been neutralizing the paper after the alkaline bath in a mild acidic solution (in a well ventilated area of course) then giving it a wash for a good hour... Kodak has certainly done their research on their FB papers they can stay wet for eons without damage.

I am wondering.........

1. What is the optimum pH for papers that are to be used for Pt printing so I can try to attain that, and how do you test for it?

2. Is there some kind of final bath that I could put the papers through to increase their stability and longevity and help remove residual chemistry?

3. I am assuming that the metals in the processed image are stable and they will not react with any small amounts of residual chemicals in the paper..... Is this so?

4. Are the archival issues so blatant that this type of paper hacking is futile and should be abandoned?

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration of my questions.