Here's one for you guys! When the studio I worked at closed down 2 years ago I had the chance to take posession of the unused chemicals, all liquid concentrates. They are unopened and presently sitting in my basement. They are all in the original bottles, packages and boxes. All have been kept in the dark and the temp has been kept at roughly 50 degrees or so.

I guess my question is this. Can these still be used? I'm re-locating my studio and gaining a bit of extra room- leaving space for some lab equipment. I figured that if I have the chems I might as well utilize them! Here's a list of what I have:

bleach III NR replentisher
develper parts A,B,C
final rinse replentisher

bleach-fix replentisher parts A,B
RA developer replentisher parts A,B,C
stabilizer replentisher