I have a theology degree as well (MDiv). I'm not sure there's much difference in one's artistic distinctions being refutiated, if that's what I hear part of your worry is, and one's theological distinctions being refutiated. When I entered seminary my theology was tested and challenged almost to the breaking (quitting) point. Now, years later, I realize that the book learnin' I received, as valuable as it was, was secondary to the discipline I learned from the experience. Not necessarily discipline to the doctrines and arts but to my self awareness of why I believed what I believed and who I was in relation to my existence and passions.

Very possibly the greatest ability a great photographer or teacher may have is to understand themselves, why they are who they are, why they love what they love, why they see what they see, and then to have the discipline to walk securely through the many minefields in the way of their passions; which, by the way, may very well be their avocation.

If you have the ability to remain disciplined to your individual artistic distinctions while learning the "institutional art disciplines" then experience will lead you into holistic disciplined individualism of the best and most expressive sort.

Jeese, I've rambled on again. Be true to your abilities and passions and disciplined toward the goal.
Good luck.