If you need a degree in MFA, you need to get one. But for teaching, depending on the level or teaching, you can do that with an undergrad degree. I've seen some in the U.S. All you need is your portfolio and the basic knowledge of photography. It could be a part time job to start, but might not be a bad idea.

Or if you're wiiling to travel abroad, you can make it more interesting. I've seen a lot of English native speakers teaching English and doing pursuing other things. Maybe you can teach photography there. In case of Japan, you don't need much previous training in Japanese even applying for the government-run English teaching program. There are these English teachers who have plenty of spare time with enough income. Some of them have a plan to go back to gradschool later, and others want to stay longer or teach in another country, etc.

If you have a particular place in mind and want to photograph in an extensive period of time, like one or two years at least, this will be your option.

Good luck.