In But I may have mixed it up a bit, the thread was re phenidone in alcohol.

"Catechol is soluble in alcohol or better yet, ethylene or propylene glycol. You can make the concentrate for pyrocat-HD using automobile antifreeze, preferably the propylene (safe) type. Leave out everything but phenidone and catechol. Heat it to dissolve. It will keep a long time without sulfite, and stain is better without sulfite.

This has the advantage that if you want a non-staining developer you can add sulfite to the B solution to your heart's content. You will find that a very small amount of sulfite will produce a fine-grain developer.

Try it out with the automobile antifreeze. If you like it, you can get propylene glycol from Photo Formulary.
Wintr is coming on. You can use what's left of the antifreeze in your car."

But possibly for a test alcohol will do.

Jorge O