[quote="Annie"]OK... so it seems the lens & holder hacks were just not enough now I am doing Kodak paper hacks and I have a few 'issues' that I am sure you Alt printers will be able to resolve for me. I have 'discovered' that by giving fixed out FB papers a soak in an alkaline bath solution that the emulsions are altered to a surface that is much more receptive to hand coating and upon drying they still have some of that creamy lustrous finish that I like so much.... I will admit that at this point my process needs some refinement however some of these papers are sipping the emulsions like fine wine, I am using fewer drops and getting even coating by the regular methods once the paper has been treated.... & the price for paper is just right...free!

There is photograher from Canada named Craig Koshyk who has done a lot of work with fixed-out barytea paper and pt/pd and kallitype. He has a manual on the procedure which I believe he may be revising at this time. Craig sent me a couple of small pt/pd prints made with his method and they are just outstanding. In case you want to contact him his email is craig@prairieview.ca.