I processed my first 2 rolls of slide film last night using the 3 step Arista rapid 16oz. kit in my patterson super system 4 developing tank. I figured $16.99 was worth the shot. I was right. One test roll of 120 and one 35mm E100vs and great results so far. Not as easy as B+W but doable.
My questions:
Once mixed how succeptable are the developers to daylight?

Anybody get more rolls out of it than the capacity states?

Is room temp okay for prewash and the middle washes?

How long is this stuff good for after it's mixed?

How long should the concentrates be good for once opened if kept in tightly capped bottles?

This kit doesn't say anthing about a "stabilizer", Is it already in the chemicals?

Is a separate stabilizer necessary for velvia,provia,velvia 100?

Can i dump any of this stuff down the drain?